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Fer Ferrari interview by Intimate Project

-How did you get into electronic Music.?
I had the opportunity to be around and get to know the underground House scene in Buenos Aires in 93. It was really unforgettable and with the passing years I’ve never seen it again anywhere else, was amazing. I’ve loved music since I was little. I think this is due to a big influence from my dad who is a pianist. Technology has always interested me because it woke up a curiosity for the keyboard synthesizer with a focus on producing electronic music.

-What inspired you to become a Dj/Producer.?
The sensual combination that come from a machine, this make me crazy until now… You can make a big noise and / or you can make a subtle and sexy sound if you want.. this is that I like, create elegant music with electronic devices.
-How long ago did you start djing and producing.?
My first dj set was at ends of 1998, with vinyl of course…. In the year 2002 I started making my first tracks that in just a short time were sent out to local record labels. My first licensed track was for an English label called DIGIMPRO. This label was unique because it allowed its musicians to make their own remixes online on their website, which was very innovative. I didn’t know I’d end up sharing a label with Moby, Depeche Mode, Erasure, and more, it was a big surprise for me… And years later in Beatport and other on-line download sites.
-How do you decide to name your tracks.?
all depend of the intention of the music of the track, or the break, or maybe if contains a vocal, or maybe the bpms…. nothing rare..only this.

-What do you think about the current sounds dominating our scene.?

I really do not follow the current sounds domination, I am true to my principles and I’ve always been.
Just follow the music, and when a song is “Music” then for me that’s enough. Many people only listen and dance rhythms, but lack of music.
-Which contemporary musicians or labels do you admire today.?
I always admire the producers that they made music with his electronic devices, and not samples, because the music is unique. And I love the analog sound….
-what can we expect from Fer Ferrari in 2015 and beyond.?
I have a couple of projects but I dont know!!! Let it all flow !!

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