Aug 2014 – Ibiza Global Radio

DeepClass Records Radio Show hosted by Fer Ferrari is a one hour program, broadcast weekly and syndicated to several fm, internet, and satellite radio stations all over the world. The show focuses on the finest deep house cuts featuring mixes by DeepClass producers such as Johnny Fiasco, Edmund, Pete Moss, Sebastian Davidson, Terry Lee Brown Jr, Evren Ulusoy, Soul Minority and many others what started as personal project to be able to unleash his love for deep house music, has somehow transformed into one of the most revered independent dance music labels in the world.

Garnica – Cage (Digi Master)
Jasiek – I Feel Good
Fer Ferrari – Sexual Provocation (Orig Mix) [DeepClass Records] Taras Van De Voorde – Housejam (Original Mix)
Steve Bug & Mr. V – The Long Run (Steve Bug’s Vocal Mix)
Lorenzo Chiabotti, Cipi – Lovante (Original Mix)
Butch & C. Vogt – The Infamous (Robytek Vs Shield Re-Edit)
Pablo Bolivar – Again (Dirt Crew Remix)
Kartech – House Shift (Steve Conlan Mix)
Jay Shepheard – Arrowhead County (Roberto Rodriguez Remix)

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