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Lights Off (Orig Mix)

Fer Ferrari

Lights Off (Johnny Fiasco)

Fer Ferrari, Johnny Fiasco

Drive My Destiny (Orig Mix)

Fer Ferrari

Drive My Destiny (Ronan Remix)

Fer Ferrari, Ronan

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DeepClass Records presents “Lights Off  EP” by Fer Ferrari. This Ep has the classic Fer Ferrari deep and groovy sounds and all remixes maintain the essence and quality of the originals.  The track “Lights off “is a good choice for the dancefloor, with a good bass line and with his characteristic sonorous arrangements.  We are proud to bring you a beautiful interpretation that comes from a big Chicago dj and producer named Johnny Fiasco.  And the other track by Drive My Destiny is a liquid trip with flowing dubbed-out chords, smooth grooves and a warm sub bass. As the groove sways and the silky chords intertwine, a crescendo is reached with an underlying ambiance, transporting energy and fullness throughout its descent. It also contains a remix from Ronan Portela. His tech-house sound evolved ingeniously to fit these modern times. This is a favorite piece for those who already love it and for those who will love it soon!


Eric Kupper – Really like both mixes of Lights Off, leaning a little bit towards Johnny\’s mix. More listens will tell.
inland Knigths – (Drop Music) – wicked….all cuts strong
Soul Minority (Stratospherik | Kolour) – nice release, johnny fiasco remix is Ace !
Giom (Lost My Dog / Large Music) – Lights off original for me, but overall super solid!
Pete Moss – digging drive my destint, great work by fer
Demarkus Lewis (Grin Music/Kingstreet/Slip N Slide) – PRoper .. love it… Fiasco’s mix is my fav .. solid chicago quirk!
Luciano (Cadenza) – Thanks for the music, downloading for Luciano
Soulrack (Cray1Labworks/Stereo Productions/BlaBla) – Ronan Portela Remix for me. Will play it tonight. 🙂 Thanks !!
Stacey Pullen – cool thanks
Russ Gabriel (Mobilee, Ferox, Planet-E, Pariter, Soma) – Nice EP. DMD Original for me. Thanks
Jon Delerious (Nordic Trax, Lost My Dog) – How can you go wrong with Johnny’s remix?! Dope.
Lukas Greenberg (Plastic City) – support
Nick Chatelain – fiasco rules!
Jay West (Off / Moodmusic / Mother) – johnny’s mix sounds phat, I also like drive my destiny org.
Urss – johnny fiasco remix .. full supp. thx
Onur Ozman (Dutchie, Acryl, Rebirth, Deep Class, Onethirty) – Nice release!
BiG AL / Beat Factory / Harlem Knights (ReadyMix, GU, Baroque, Vapour, Dutchie) – good stuff as usual. support thanks.
Da Funk (Acryl Music) – both lights off versions for me. very nice!
Scan Mode (Cadenza Lab) – Johnny Fiasco!
Koljah (Vidab Records) – I really like Mr Ferrari! Both originals are ace! Thx…
JESUS GONSEV (Troubled Kids Records) – Solid ep!all the tracks sounds very deep 😉
Krummstoff (Low Flow Records) – Lights Off original for me, tnx
UM / UM Records (Deepvibes.co.uk / Westradio.gr / eNatio n.fm / DiscothequeRadio) – Lights Off Original and Fiasco remixes doing the business
Johnny Fiasco – Original still rocks! Great job Fer!
Fog (Brise/Apparel/Metroline Limited) – Johnny Fiasco Remix is killa!Floorburner!
Rishi K. (i Records, Seta Label..) – Lights Off Original for me nice one Fer!!
Edmund (I Records, Large Music) – Fiasco remix for me! Thanks for sending.
The Messenger (Soul Industries/I Records/Night Drive Music/Plastic City…) – Lights Off is favorite! Thanks
Kinky Movement (Drop Music) – Nice e.p favs are Johnny fiasco mix probably just edges it for me cheers!
Angel Manuel (Vinyl Gruv Records) – Dope release!
Snake Sedrick aka Son-Tec – Ronan Portela! Full supporT!
Grant Nelson (Swing City, Freeze Dried, Housecall) – Sounding good, on the download
Blacksoul – dope!
Alvaro Hylander (DeepWit Recordings, i Records, Acryl Music…) – Original and Johnny Fiasco Remix are great. That\’s more the fiasco’s sound I like to hear, Thanks
Ronan Portela – excelent vibes! 😉
Luca Doobie (spades – amnesia milano) – portela rmx 4 me thnx
BERNY (Save Room Records / Nightbird Music / Soulstar / Seamless) – Liquid Mix from Johnny for me, thanx! 🙂
Bruno From Ibiza – FER FERRARI is doing better than ever, nice deep & tec house tracks
Markus Schulz – Thank you. Downloading for Markus.
Gustavo Lopez – Muybueno Fer!!!
Sezer Uysal aka Spennu (MOS, Loco Records) – great package, will play and support, thanks!
Jevne (OneThirty Rec) – Awesome release!
babak shayan – great ep!
Moti Brothers (Itom Records Readymix.Reisei rec.) – Lights Off Original for me!
Santi Garcia – Fiasco and Portela for me Thanks !!!!
Javi Bora (Robsoul,2020Vision,Liebe Detail) – All good! Originals and Fiasco remix for me. Thanks
Asad Rizvi – Hard choice but feeling the original and Ronan\’s mixes the most. Will be giving em a whirl
The disclosure project – Johnny Fiasco remix will probably work for me, thanks for sending.
Angelo Ferreri ((Material)) – nice release as always. Full support.
Fer Ferrari – is a pleasure to me be part of this!! thank you so much!!!.. Fer Ferrari
Andy K – full Support
FUNKYLOCO (so sound / drop music) – Great Ep!! Great Producers! Great Label!, thanks , Im a big fan Of Johnny Fiasco´s music.
Lonya (Sudbeat, Asymmetric, Flow, Elevation) – Ronan remix for me here , support
Manuel Belgrano (Savor Music – Natural Rhythm – Hermine Records) – Lovely EP. Ronan Portela works great for me. Support! Thanks

Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica) – super cool stuff
Dino Michael – Rocking Ep once Again! Full Support on both tracks! Fiasco Mix rocks!
Will Web (Billboard) – nice and smooth
Matthew Hade (Billboard Magazine) – Original mix sounds great! Full support. Thanks.
miguel garji (ibiza global radio) – Big e.p. Great rmx and origi nal tracks , of course. Support , gracias
David Moreno (Ibiza Global Radio) – original and portela rmx. always good deep
UruMusicArt(Shamkara Club Radio Show) – Excellent EP! original mix for me, thanks
John P. (westradio.gr) – great ep! will play on west radio! thanks
DJ1 Magazine Spain (Dlow) – Amazing Release!! Support!
BIG FABIO [NjoyMusik] – All Good! thanks

Fer Ferrari - LIGHTS OFF (DeepClass Records)


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